2017 Hospital Auxiliary Light for Life Donations

Central Community Hospital Auxiliary Concludes Light for Life Fundraiser

Central Community Hospital Auxiliary Annual Light for Life fundraiser has now been completed.
Your donation in memory or honor of a loved one will be used to purchase needed items for the hospital.
The Auxiliary Board members would like to thank everyone that purchased a light(s) this year.

If anyone would still like to donate, checks can be mailed to:
Central Community Hospital Auxiliary, 901 Davidson St NW, Elkader, IA 52043

Donor In Honor/or Memory of
Elkader Business and Professional Women For past and present club members
Laura Moser Charles & Juneaver McNichols, Clifton and Hilda Moser
Jolene Christeleit Harold and Norma Christeleit, Tamy Christeleit, Alice Andrea, Hulda Baade
Jennifer Cowsert Bill and Sue Cowsert, Keith Knospe, Wayne and Linn Hesselbacher
Ron Schuety Jeannette Schuety
Michael and Ruth Bergan Mike Roach, Marilyn Bergan, Janice Lammers, Adam Hach, Thomas and Nelly Bergan-Bjerke, George and Luetta Klosterman
Bona D. Feller Bill and Mary Pfister, Roger Martin, Harles Feller, Rose Harberts, Charles Feller, Brenda Feller, Dr. Ken and Fran Zichal
Joan Wangen and Rom Piorkowski Orville and Gretchen Wangen, Stany and Maria Piorkowski, Bryan Baker, Ed Wangen, Joanne Piorkowski
Scenic Acres Sherry O’Neal
Connie, Magie and Molly Ruhser Loren Ruhser, Herman and Mabel Ruhser
Connie and Maggie Ruhser Cindy Reysack and Sherry O’Neal
Luis Arce Cruz Arce
Connie Ruhser Vivian Meyer
Linda Dettbarn David Lechner
Brad and Cris Glawe Harley Glawe and Harold Glawe
Frank and Patti Wacker Franklin Wacker, Vivian Meyer, Milda Roggensack
Elaine Syverson Archie and Elsie Martin, Roy A. Syverson
Nancy Schmelzer Tony Schmelzer and Anita Schmelzer
Raletta Thomas Ethel Thomas
Maxine Kuehl Howard Kuehl and Brad Kuehl
Angie Gerndt Family & Friends
Olivia Timmerman Tom Keppler
Leonard and Rosemary Ohrt Alvin and LaVonne Bahls, Leonard Ohrt Sr.
Heather Zichal Don and June Wolf
Dr. Ken and Fran Zichal Francis and Alberta Wagner, Ernest and Margueriette Zichal, Alan Wagner
Ernie Zichal Pete Watkins
John and Lois Storbeck Herbert and Inez Freidlein, Pam Storbeck, Raymond and Helen Storbeck, Mary Ingles
Eleanor Krieg Floyd and Ernestine Reavis, Leonard and Eloise Krieg, Arlene and Corinne Schoien, Neal Krieg, Franklin Reavis
Dick & Betty Dinan Wanda Jean Lord, Wendy Lord Harvey, Kelly Ann Lord, Kim Lord-Strulovic
Betty Lord-Dinan Glen C. Lord
Pat and Arlys Fitzgerald Grandchildren
Steve and Ann McCorkindale Family & Friends who have passed in 2017

Thank You for Your Support!!


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