CCH hosts Clayton County Emergency Preparedness Coalition Tabletop Exercise

Central Community Hospital hosted a Clayton County Emergency Preparedness Coalition Tabletop Exercise Monday, May 21.

The exercise provided participants an opportunity to evaluate current response concepts, capabilities, and plans for a mass casualty incident and corresponding response.

The scenario for the exercise started with a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Elkader where a regional swim meet was being held at the city swimming pool. A large number of swimmers and spectators were on hand for the event. Unexpectedly, a storm pops up in the area with high winds at the leading edge. A sudden burst of high wind snaps a nearby power line sending the loose end whipping in all directions. The power line end hits the wet concrete near the pool edge sending a surge of electricity through the standing water and into the pool. A second touch races through the nearby metal bleacher full of spectators. The initial call to 911 is made by a spectator asking for an ambulance at the pool because everyone was struck by lightning.

Clayton County partners involved in the exercise included: Clayton County Emergency Management, Clayton County Public Health, Clayton County VNA, Home Health, Elkader Police Department, Strawberry Point Lutheran Home, Elkader Care Center, Kingston Court Assisted Living, as well as Central Ambulance Service and Central Community Hospital.



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