Skilled Care

Skilled Care – When is Skilled Care Needed?

Skilled care services at Central Community Hospital provide a transition period between hospital and home, helping patients learn and practice new habits in a supervised environment. Skilled care patients typically require short-term physical or occupational therapy for 30-60 minutes per day and/or skilled nursing services seven days per week.

Examples of skilled care patients include (not limited to):

Cardiac Recovery - Patients needing skilled activity programs following a heart attack or acute episode of congestive heart failure.

Stroke recovery – Patients who need to improve their level of functioning with continued therapy

Wound Management – Patients requiring wound management/sterile dressing changes or Intravenous Antibiotics

Post-Surgical Care – Patients requiring care following a joint replacements or other orthopedic surgery which may need frequent physical therapy

Acute Medical Conditions – Patients with long-term illnesses such as cancer or immune deficiency disease

Skilled nursing services are extremely beneficial when a patient is ready to leave the acute care level of a hospital stay but is not yet well enough to return home.