Healthy Eating: It’s all about balance

apple-heartDid you know that there are currently 80 different “Fad” diets available to consumers right now? Most of these diets promise you quick weight loss results without having to do much work and for a very costly fee. Often people start these diets, see some results and then quickly fall into bad habits gaining back the weight they lost.
So you may ask what the right way to lose weight is. The answer is simple! Healthy Eating Every Day (HEED). That’s right, no gimmicks, no tricks, and no cost for expensive supplements or foods. This is a lifelong learning approach to weight loss and a healthier you.
How does one begin to HEED? Try these five steps:
1.) Increase fruits, vegetables, dairy and grain
2.) Decrease saturated and Trans fats
3.) Avoid simple carbohydrates (white sugar, white flour, fatty or fried)
4.) Increase complex carbohydrates (whole grain, whole wheat, nuts and seeds)
4.) Balance daily calories (calories taken in need to be less then calories burned with activity)
It’s not only important to make changes in your lifestyle for weight loss, but also to prevent disease. Studies show that dietary changes may prevent as many as 35% of cancer deaths in Western cultures.
Challenge yourself to HEED!

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